Classroom teachers are well trained to teach struggling readers the mechanics of how to read, but many struggle when it comes to giving a child the right book to entice a child to independently practice their newly acquired skills. Struggling students do not see reading as a pleasurable activity, and the leveled readers that come with textbook sets are often dull and lacking the adventure and panache a reader expects from a good book.  The Inclination Project is a reading initiative that seeks to increase elementary school students’ inclination and ability to read independently through classroom level access to books and targeted book recommendations from their teachers.  The Inclination Project provides teachers with complete classroom libraries that are stocked with a curated selection of high interest book series that are designed to build upon each other, and teachers are provided with Book Maps that guide their book recommendations to students depending on books previously read and enjoyed. Libraries will be stocked with culturally diverse books leveled to meet all readers’ needs- including below level, on level, and advanced readers of all backgrounds.